Embrace A Streamers 3-Fly Assortment

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Embrace A Streamers 3-Fly Assortment

A trio of conehead streamers that you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll get the TU-Special, Bacon n’ Eggs, and the New York Strip.
The TU-Special is all TU. It has a TU green tail and collar, along with a TU blue body and rubber legs.
Who doesn’t like bacon and eggs for any meal? This meaty fly has a deep brown tail, collar, and rubber legs (the bacon)… and a delicious yellow body (the eggs). The Bacon n’ Eggs will make catching fish over-easy!
How do you want your steak cooked? The New York Strip has a tan tail, collar, rubber legs, and a warm pink body. Sling this beefy fly into your favorite stream and start stripping! Donation amount: $15

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  87% Conservation programs
  7% Fundraising
  6% Administration