Rods & Reels

The perfect trout rod. The 9-foot, 5-weight, 4-piece X features fast action with great recovery, a black-spruce blank, dark green wraps, a verawood insert with a stealth-black anodized aluminum reel seat, and a half-wells grip. Throws streamers and delicately places a dry fly with pinpoint accuracy. Donation amount: $900

The ultimate big-rig rod. The 9-foot, 7-weight, 4-piece IGNITER features ultrafast action to generate wind-cutting high line speeds, a chipotle red blank, cayenne wraps, an anodized aluminum reel seat, and a full wells grip with an EVA fighting butt. Excellent for tossing streamers, sink tips and big foam. Donation amount: $900

For the small creek freak. This 7-foot 6-inch, 3-weight, 3-piece rod features fast action with short-range accuracy, a sapling-green blank, bronze wraps, a verawood insert with a bronze anodized aluminum reel seat, and a half-wells grip. Ideal for delivering stealthy presentations in close quarters. Donation amount: $700

The award-winning Abel TR reel is a lightweight masterpiece. Built in Montrose, Colorado, from meticulously machined parts, it features a partially ported frame, a large arbor, and an integrated precision-balanced clicker that produces the iconic click-pawl sound. The reel also features milled silhouettes of a stone­fly, caddis, and mayfly inside the frame and proudly displays the TU logo on the reel foot. Rainbow Trout skin. Line weights 4-5. Reel only, nippers not included. Donation amount: $795