Flies, Fly Boxes & Fly Tying

Five of Dave Whitlock's most respected patterns from Rainy's Flies: #8 Whitlock Olive Sculipn, #12 Whitlock's Bright Spot Beetle, #8 Whitlock's Dark Stone Nymph, #8 Dave's Hopper, and #6 Hair Bug in fruit cocktail. Flies only. Book not included. Donation Amount $12

Tie nymphs with anatomically molded heads for unmatched realism with a kit that is simple enough for the first-time fly tier, yet dynamic enough for the seasoned veteran. This kit comes with both online and printed tutorials on how to tie two NH Evolution patterns, a mayfly pattern and a caddis pattern. The kit also includes enough materials to tie six flies of each pattern, Nymph-Head stickers, and TU stickers. Donation Amount: $20

A fly box like no other. This Tacky Day Pack fly box features a bi-directional slit silicone storage system that holds flies tighter, withstands extremes in temperatures, and offers high contrast to make selecting a fly quick and easy. This fly box also features a light and extremely durable polycarbonate box, a latch-less magnetic closure system, and a clear lid accented with the TU logo. Donation Amount: $25

This one-of-a-kind Richard Wheatley aluminum fly box features Easy Grip foam designed specifically to allow you slide flies into place without crushing or bending delicate hackles. It also proudly displays the TU logo. Flies not included. Donation Amount: $35

Richard Wheatley fly box loaded with 24 flies, including: woolly buggers, hoppers, prince nymphs, elk hair caddis, and more!  Donation Amount: $50

A one-of-a-kind Montana Fly Company fly box that features Whitlock’s Trout Grand Slam print and the TU logo. Utilizing a foam interior that has enough slits to hold over 250 flies, this high-capacity fly box combines performance with art. Specifications: 5.5” x 1.5” x 3.5”. Donation Amount: $15

Simple yet effective… this durable fly box offers spacious compartments perfect for nymphs and dry flies, and features a water-resistant locking design featuring the TU logo. Donation Amount: $12