Fishing Books

With over 250 tips from members of Trout Unlimited, Trout Tips covers all aspects of fly fishing. Here you’ll find casting techniques so you can place your dry fly, nymph, wet fly, or streamer exactly where you want it to be, and then get a proper drift. You’ll also find chapters with advice on wading, fighting fish, tying bombproof knots, and much more. Donation amount: $25

This is the first comprehensive look at the taxonomy, life history, and conservation status of the world's trout and char. Early chapters explore the unique diversity and life history aspects of trout and char and provide information on the taxonomy and systematics while also detailing some of unique life histories. Trout and Char of the World will be a primary resource for trout and char biologists, conservationists, and anglers in the many countries where trout and char are native or have been introduced, and a resource for anyone interested in learning more about the diversity and distribution of trout and char worldwide. Donation amount: $125

Although many flyfishers now practice catch and release, the creel continues to maintain its position as a symbol, and increasingly as a piece of folk-art, within the flyfishing community. The Art of the Creel, by Hugh Chatham and Dan McClain, is a collection of more than 200 photographs of creel as well as a history of creel makers and their products. This collection is a great resource for anyone interested in traditional flyfishing practices and items. Copyright 1997 by Hugh Chatham and Dan McClain. Hardcover, 196 pages.
Donation Amount: $25