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Enjoy the benefits of a family membership for the duration of your current membership for free – and connect the other members of your family who are passionate about fishing and conservation to TU - by completing the form below. By adding the names and contact information of other family members, your family will receive the following benefits:

  • All family members will be listed individually on the local chapter membership roster and can receive communications and invitations to local, statewide and national events.
  • A complimentary copy of Stream Explorers magazine will be mailed to your household if you add youth family members under age 12 to your family membership.
  • All members of your household will be able to create a unique member profile on to engage in our online community, join discussion groups, access member-only content such as the digital version of Trout Magazine and more…

In the form below, you will be asked to enter your member ID. You can find this on your member card that was sent to you in the mail when you joined or renewed or on the mailing label of your latest issue of TROUT magazine.

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